Source code for matrixprofile.utils

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from __future__ import absolute_import
from __future__ import division
from __future__ import print_function
from __future__ import unicode_literals

range = getattr(__builtins__, 'xrange', range)
# end of py2 compatability boilerplate

import numpy as np

from matrixprofile import core

[docs]def empty_mp(): """ Utility function that provides an empty MatrixProfile data structure. Returns ------- dict : profile An empty MatrixProfile data structure. """ return { 'mp': None, 'pi': None, 'rmp': None, 'rpi': None, 'lmp': None, 'lpi': None, 'metric': None, 'w': None, 'ez': None, 'join': None, 'data': { 'ts': None, 'query': None }, 'class': 'MatrixProfile', 'algorithm': None }
[docs]def pick_mp(profile, window): """ Utility function that extracts a MatrixProfile from a Pan-MatrixProfile placing it into the MatrixProfile data structure. Parameters ---------- profile : dict A Pan-MatrixProfile data structure. window : int The specific window size used to compute the desired MatrixProfile. Returns ------- dict : profile A MatrixProfile data structure. Raises ------ ValueError If profile is not a Pan-MatrixProfile data structure. If window is not an integer. If desired MatrixProfile is not found based on window. """ if not core.is_pmp_obj(profile): raise ValueError('pluck_mp expects profile as a PMP data structure!') if not isinstance(window, int): raise ValueError('pluck_mp expects window to be an int!') mp_profile = empty_mp() # find the window index windows = profile.get('windows') window_index = np.argwhere(windows == window) if len(window_index) < 1: raise RuntimeError('Unable to find window {} in the provided PMP!'.format(window)) window_index = window_index.flatten()[0] window = windows[window_index] mp = profile['pmp'][window_index] n = len(mp) mp_profile['mp'] = mp[0:n-window+1] mp_profile['pi'] = profile['pmpi'][window_index][0:n-window+1] mp_profile['metric'] = profile['metric'] mp_profile['data']['ts'] = profile['data']['ts'] mp_profile['join'] = False mp_profile['w'] = int(window) mp_profile['ez'] = int(np.floor(windows[window_index] / 4)) mp_profile['algorithm'] = 'mpx' return mp_profile