Pull requests are always welcome, and the Matrix Profile Foundation community appreciates any help you give. Note that a code of conduct applies to all spaces managed by this project, including issues and pull requests: Review our code of conduct!.

When submitting a pull request, we ask you check the following:

  1. All pull requests must include, documentation updates, unit tests and PEP-8 compliant code standards. We also make use of Numpy style code documentation.

  2. The contributed code will fall under MatrixProfile’s license. Please be sure that it complies with those standards.

  3. All code that is implemented from a research paper must be included within the citations documentations.

If you have a partial contribution, feel free to submit a pull request for review. We will help guide you in making the contribution successful! In order to get started working with this library’s source code, please follow the development installation guide for your platform.